Monday, April 4, 2011

Lost Shoes and Clown Makeup

Whew ladies, I am in for a whirlwind week.

Wahhhhh, I don't like whirlwind weeks. I like staying home!!!! Wahhhhh!

Okay, I am through complaining, well, maybe almost through.

Abbie begins her SATs this morning. Three days of lots of driving. She is pumped up though. She has taken her little practice tests and is ready to go. To her, the whole thing is just one big great social outing, and a chance to see her friends.

I have the boys schoolwork packed in the van so they can work while she is testing. And I guess I will find a park for James to play in while we wait. And then it is off to get the baby chicks. Home again, and then Heritage Girls and Scouts. And that is just today. Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Tomorrow we are planning on going to Rebekah's house after testing so I can see her before she leaves to go to CH*INA!!!! She has been hoping for so long for this. It almost doesn't seem real. But it is and her life is a triple whirlwind compared to mine right now, so I really need to stop the whining.

I dreamed last night I couldn't find any of James's shoes and we had to leave the house RIGHT THEN. I could find one of several different shoes, but no pairs. I was crying as I pulled lone shoe after lone shoe out from under the couch (all of our shoe's favorite hideout). And then I dreamed I couldn't get my blush to look right and I had to keep taking and re-taking my makeup off and starting over. Which I would never do in real life, I would just keep applying powder until I looked like a complete clown and then check it in the mirror 10,000 times a day in an effort to convince myself I don't look like a complete clown.

See ladies, I just really need to stay home. The anxiety dreams, they plague me! :)

Hope you all have an anxiety-free Monday though!


  1. I'm sure you don't look like a clown and I'm sure you found some matching shoes for James this morning. I'm also sure Abbie is beyond excited about the SAT's. That girl is something else!

  2. I'm with Jill - I can see our ABbie laden with excitement over SAT's. That is right up her alley. I hope she actually gets to talk to her friends though. After today it may b e harder to get her out tomorrow!

  3. I don't like stressful weeks, either! I much prefer being home! My anxiety dreams? They are always about my teeth falling out. So weird! Hope the SAT's are fun for Abbie! That is so cute!

  4. At least you get anxiety dreams, I get no sleep at all=(
    Can you meet us one morning??
    DH is on night shift, so we need to get out of the house too.

  5. Anxiety-free? Darlin', my anxieties began around midnight today and haven't quit. If I could only sit down with a cup of tea and tell ya' all about it! Maybe someday soon. Don't worry about your shoes or your makeup, I'm sure they'll match. Take care, and listen to some praise music while doing all that driving this week, okay? :)

  6. That shoe dream is a reality at my house right now. Little Sister is missing the mate to THREE of her shoes!!! Ahhh the things that drive me crazy! LOL!