Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Morning

Well, we are surviving the SATs and all the other 10,000 things that are going on this week. (Slight exaggeration, but pretty close to 10,000). Today is the last day of testing, then a quick doctor's appointment, then picking up the new chicks, and then home, sweet home. We were supposed to get the new chicks Monday, but the lady at the feed store forgot to bring them to the store, so we are getting them today.

Ya'll, I love living in a place where the feed store lady calls me on my cell phone to tell me she forgot the chicks at her house and she wanted to spare me a drive down there. It just makes me happy.

Anyways, it has been a super-busy and emotional couple of days for me. Lots to process and just physically to do. I got to see Rebekah yesterday and they are pretty much packed and just sitting on GO. Her organizational skills are amazing. They leave early in the morning to get their two sons. It just doesn't seem real.

I wanted to tell you about a giveaway my real life friend Michelle is having. It is a quick giveaway, ending Friday, so head on over if you would like to win Rebecca St. James' newest praise CD.

Off to check your blogs and then off to the SATs!


  1. Glad you are chipping away at the tasks you have this week, I'm glad we don't have to do testing, we did for for my older daughter, it was always extra stress, invariably one or more of the little ones {back then they were little!} would be ill. I want chicks!!! I'm jealous of that, really! I'm excited to hear that the Rebecca St James CD is out, I hadn't heard that it was out, I heard about it a couple months ago and wanted it.

  2. Girl, you can check blogs, get everybody ready, drive across town, all before 9? What time did you get up???
    Don't ask me what time we get up, it's plum shamefull--we rarely set the alarm clock.