Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Man Stuff

While Abbie and I were camping Saturday Mark took the boys to the somewhat-local Chicken and Egg Festival. James declared it was Man Stuff and it looks like they had a pretty good time.

James, the poster child for healthy eating

Mark said James was pouting and they were trying to get him to smile for a picture.

Tyler, with Chicken-On-A-Stick, which he declared wasn't as good as he thought it would be.


  1. Was that in Moulton? We went last year and I expected a lot more chicken and eggs...

  2. Anke, yes, it was the one in Moulton. My hubby said the same thing. He was expecting lots and lots of chickens, but he said there really wasn't that many.

  3. Oh I wanted to go to the chicken and egg festival too! Glad to hear I didn't miss many chickens or eggs. I'm not so disappointed now.

  4. Looks fun! I wanted to do one of those bungee jumps when I was trying to get Noah to come out of my tummy...

  5. How exciting that their "man" days finally get to include James! Glad they had fun.