Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Good Title Eludes Me...

Tyler watering the blackberry and raspberry bushes

George peeking out at us

Sunday, after church and the camping trip, was a pretty restful day at our house. I got in a much-needed nap. These old bones ain't what they used to be and sleeping on the ground is not what I would call "restful." And then I got in some swing time as Mark grilled hamburgers for us. I ignored the mess called Chaos de Clark and like Scarlett, decided to "think about it tomorrow." Of course, tomorrow came and I had to pay the piper, to say the least. I am still paying it with all the laundry that is still piled up. But, Sunday was wonderful.

The Girls

Blackberry Blooms"why swing the right way when the wrong way is so much fun?"
Mark and the boys built a net top for my strawberry bed because the little birds were gobbling them up. Ladies, he's a good one.

So, after the wonderful day Sunday reality hit Monday morning with a trip to the doctor to get Matt a steriod shot because he is covered up in poison oak (again) and then I got to go to the doctor Monday afternoon because I have a suspicious mole. By the way, isn't that a terrible word-mole. Shudder. Anyway, they biopised it and we are waiting on the results. And then this morning James stepped on a wire (left over from the strawberry net building) and it went in the bottom of his foot and then out the side. Lovely.

I was proud of myself though. I remained calm and pulled it out. So, then we had a visit to the doctor to get his tetanus shot. He should have had one at his four year check-up, but his mother had not "quite gotten to that" yet. So, the poor kid had to get four shots all at one time. He got chocolate ice cream for a reward for being brave so he's good to go now.

So, that's three different doctor visits in two days. If anyone gets hurt tomorrow they are on their own. My pen refuses to write anymore co-pays this week.

In the midst of all that we tried to get some schoolwork done. Tomorrow will have to be laundry day for the MamaHen. The doctor said James needed to have on clean socks so his little foot wouldn't get infected. Doctor's orders for me.


  1. Well, at least you had Sunday!

  2. James?? Clean socks?? This doctor obviously does not know who he is dealing with.

    Poor Matt. Is there not anything that can be done to boost his immunity to that stuff??

  3. Oh, what a week you're having!

    I'm sorry about the poison oak! I've heard some soaps will do a good job washing those oils off the skin. You would have to catch the exposure asap, wash skin and clothing really well though.

    The mole? BTDT. If it is changing in appearance, itchy, catching on anything like your car seat belt strap, I say "Off with the mole!"