Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Givewaway

Let's just say that I won a $30 Jiffy Lube giftcard. And let's say I was all excited cause I'm saving the family some mullah. And let's say it was promptly mailed to me. And then when I looked up the closest Jiffy Lube location so I can get my oil changed let's just say it was a complete shock to me to realize there are NO Jiffy Lubes in Alabama. I know there USED to be, but I could not find any.

So, boo for me, but yeah! for you.

I am going to have a re-gifting giveaway and gift someone who does NOT live in Alabama this $30 Jiffy Lube Giftcard.

Just leave me a comment telling me what wonderful state you live in (if you don't want to give that out just say hi!) and you will be entered.

Giveaway will close Monday, May 16 at 7:00 AM.


  1. i live in "wonderful" california, we are ranked #42 in education, have a horrific budget issue going on, put public services such as education and police and fire departments very low on the budget priority list but we do have sunshine 360 days out of the year! don't be jealous of my "wonderful" state....we also are "proud" to claim such "wonderful" hollywood role models like lindsay lohan, britney spear and paris hilton as residents. woohoo!! (i almost choked on my own sarcasm in writing this!)

  2. I was excited for you , there for a minute. Then I got excited for me, thinking there might be a location in FL near Jake's college, but NO...

  3. I live in MN, where it has snowed twice this month, but has now warmed to a balmy 54 degrees. But at least we have Jiffy Lube! ;-)

  4. Hi, I live in the beautiful (but flooded right now) state of Missouri. My husband is from Scottsboro, AL. the rest of his family still live there. What a bummer to hear there is no Jiffy Lube in Alabama. On the bright side there is one on every corner in the cities of Mo. I live on a farm some 20 miles out from the state capital and drive in about once each week for groceys and supplies. I always pass several on the way in. Maybe life will pay it forward for your kindess of passing the savings on to someone else. God Bless.

  5. Oay these are the best comments ever! They are cracking me up! But I guess don't enter me since you know where I live and obviously- no JiffyLube.

  6. Hi. I live in Oregon where it rains every twenty minutes, but we never use umbrellas. We also have lots of Jiffy Lubes.

    : )