Monday, May 16, 2011

Giveaway Winner and Monday Morning Madness

1. The winner of the $30 Jiffy Lube giftcard is wendyworn!. I'll email you to get your address. And you will be happy to know I actually have envelopes AND stamps here at the house so I can mail it to you tomorrow!
2. This morning we will spend some time taming the Monday Morning Madness Beast around here. I haven't said much about it, but I feel like we have been making great strides in keeping up the house around here. But this weekend, whew, it all just fell apart. So recovery this morning, school this afternoon, and then Heritage Girls and Scouts tonight. It is Abbie's last night for AHG until the fall. These years, they keep on passing by...

3. This is in honor of my BFF Rebekah. And yes, we are working on the BF Forever thing right now. We plan on marrying off a couple of our children to each other and then it will be very convenient for them to put us in the same nursing home. We will finally get to live close to each other! :)

I don't consider myself to have a large family, but evidently some do. Just yesterday a lady sitting behind us in church leaned over after the service and said "We had four children too. You are going to need lots of prayer." In church! I tried my best to be gracious and reply in a nice way, "We sure do love having four children and we would never send any of them back." And when people tell me in the stores I have my hands full I just say, "Yes, but if I'm going to have my hands full, I want them to be full of children." But sometimes I want to say,

"You're kidding right? I have friends that have 9, 10 children. It's not a contest though. Did someone tell you bearing children is a contest? Is there money involved? Cause I can rush right home to my hubby right now. Can you watch the kids for me?"

By the way, you should head over to Rebekah's blog. She's got some exciting news!

And just for fun, go and read this:
Snappy Comebacks to Stupid Questions About Large Families

My favorite~~~ "If you think TV is better than s*x then you are doing it wrong."

Thanks, Amy's Humble Musings

4. We had a rainy Friday here. It was a gentle rainfall that lasted long enough to give the garden a good drink. And James and Abbie had fun too.

5. I found this fun giveaway this morning over at Heritage Acres Homestead. I would love to win the Home Dairy book as we are about to get a dairy goat. And I need to know what to do! I have to admit I am excited and scared all at the same time.


  1. Knowing where 50% of your children's gene pool comes from, I'd have to say you DO have your hands full. Just wash them periodically. (your hands) .....

  2. Mollie, Rolling over here. Thank goodness for my 50%!

  3. You are so funny! I don't think 4-5 children is a large family either, it's medium sized. We cleaned out the garage on Sat. It looks great! Then we were at church for most of yesterday, with an afternoon trip to the supermarket... What was the name of that hurricane that blew through our house while we were gone? I have much tidying to do today also!!!

  4. Okay, now I am going to have to go look at those!! That one answer you posted was too funny!!

    I would say you guys are medium I guess (you just seem bigger now that the bigger ones are getting, well, bigger!) I guess, though, to people who dislike other humans, especially their very own offspring, four does seem like a lot. :)

  5. I don't think 4 kids is a lot either. When I am out with all 4 kids I get a lot of people saying "God Bless You." I just look at them and say "Yes he did. Thanks" :-)

  6. thanks for choosing me! Can I use that picture on my blog? It has my name on it!


  7. Fun, a goat! Certain unnamed children in our household drink so much milk that we keep threatening to get a goat--but we know there is at least one coyote in the woods and I'm afraid it might get hurt. :( So unless you (or someone else) can recommend a really good breed of dog which can terrorize a coyote, I think we'll have to pass. :(