Monday, May 2, 2011

Motherhood 101

Let it be known that after 13 years of parenting I have learned this~

Children have an aversion to:

1) Turning off the lights as they leave a room

2) Picking up any item of underwear that is not theirs.

3) Folding any item of underwear that is not theirs.

4) Looking at any item of underwear that is not theirs.

4) Putting any form of laundry INTO the hamper, and not right beside it.

5) Changing a roll of toilet paper. Evidently it must shock their little hands or something.

6) Emptying the trash can when it gets to the top. Evidently their creative sensibilities encourage them to see how many different ways they get that last empty milk carton to actually stay on top of the pile.

7) Put both shoes together in the SAME place. Evidently it is much more fun to run around the house on Sunday mornings yelling, "I can't find my other shoe!!!!"

8) Closing the back door when I have the air conditioning running.

9) Keeping the back door open when I don't have the air running.

I thought my children might need some intensive therapy to help them overcome these phobias. But now I realize, most, if not all, children have these aversions (please tell me my household is not the only one effected).

I think the moms are the ones who might need the therapy.

What aversions do your children have? Please, make me feel better.....


  1. I don't understand. My children are perfect. Oh wait, I don't have any...

  2. Completely closing a cabinet and or drawer

    wiping off muddy feet

    flushing the toilet (the boys)

    They also have the shoe problem:)

  3. "I can't find my other shoe." So true.

    I approve of this message.

  4. Same as Ma - closing a drawer, especially one for clothes

    and putting clothes away and not just letting tem sit in the basket...although she may have gotten that one honestly...

  5. We are working on chores. Wes is just learning to sort and fold the cottons. A simple job,,,,why must he examine every pair of underwear???????

  6. We have all those problems, plus the cabinet/drawer trouble! And they will not close a closet door either! Today I am enacting the if-you-leave-the-closet-door-open-you-must-spend-at-least-30-minutes-cleaning-it-out rule. We'll see how it goes! I hope it works better than the story about the monsters that come out of closets at night - not effective at all!

  7. my girls have an aversion to closing their bedroom door so silas doesn't terrorize their room :) and i would say lately they have an aversion to listening the FIRST time i ask them to do something....super fun, right??

  8. Yes to all those listed above. I would also add:

    keeping their rooms clean,

    putting things away that they took out,

    closing the pantry door after rifling through it to get a snack.

    Little cherubs. :)

  9. hahahaha mine too! especially the underware - my middle son (when he has the laundry sorting job) uses another item of clothing to pick up undies and drop them into the respective piles!!