Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Good Stuff

When I look at these pictures of Matt all I can think is, "How did this child grow so much in two months!!!!!!????"
Friday night we went to the Baron's game with my dad's company. We had a nice dinner and then all sat together to watch the game. And to top it off my niece, Mrs. Jennifer, and FavCousin got to come also. We had a couple of moments of "oh nos" as it looked like it was about to rain buckets on us, but it all passed over with nary a drop. And it cooled everything off about 20 degrees! It was a perfect evening for baseball.

Matt ended up getting to throw one of the opening balls. He was so cute out there!
If you live in this area the Baron's games really are nice family events. Except for the Dance contest they had between one of the innings. They had these four young girls up there on the top of the dugouts trying to dance to a very inappropriate non-family song and all I could think was, "I so hope their poor mothers are not here to see this." Note to Abbie-if ANYONE asks you to perform a dance on top of a dugout, Just Say No. By the way, I will be calling the Baron's people this week to let them know how much I enjoyed the event-but could do without the dugout dancing.
During the game we saw this beautiful full rainbow that went right across the field and then after the game there was a huge fireworks show. As Mark and I were watching the kids watch the fireworks, (the best part of the show) I looked up at him and said, "This is the good stuff." And it really is.


  1. Isn't baseball the best? My children are happily awaiting an Aeros game in a few weeks!

  2. It was a great night - I love that we do that every year.

  3. I'll tell you how he grew that much, he eats everything in sight and asks for more.

  4. We saw that very same rainbow too!! We were leaving the Galleria.

  5. We saw a rainbow that evening, too! On our way to the drive-in!

  6. We had THE MOST fun! Schyler has told everyone about it. Except I was worthless the next day since you party animals kept us out until midnight.