Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is It Possible To Be So Tired That Your Eyes Actually Hurt?...

My eyes hurt. They are so heavy with tiredness (is that a word?) that they hurt.

I can't keep up. Evidently I was at my maximum usage before Vacation Bible School and I have exceeded my limits these past two days.

Once I am at VBS all is good. I have James in my class and I am loving getting to see him interact with the other kiddos. I only have six children and I have two teenage helpers. The odds are very much in our favor. There was a little more spunk today as one five year old dared to jump in line and declare herself THE line leader, but that was quickly resolved.

After we came home and ate a sandwich we headed off to Mrs. Jennifer's to swim. Now, I am not a big fan of going to the pool. I like actually being in the pool, but getting to the pool is such a hassle for me. It is the changing of clothes (again), the finding of bathing suits and swimming paraphernalia, and all the applying of sunscreen to the children and then to myself. Once all that is done I can get in and relax for approximately 30 seconds.

Then I have to do the kid count. One. Two. Three. Four, they are all accounted for. And then I fix someones goggles. Then the kid count. Then I kiss a scraped knee on the four year old. Then the kid count. And it goes on and on and on. Jennifer and I do try to get some conversation in in the midst of all this, but you can imagine how it goes~~~

"So, did you see on so and so's blog about how she makes so and so from scratch? We could totally do that. We could get really famous and then I could hire a maid. Just a minute, kid count time."

And then you repeat the above scenario until someone named James has a so-tired-he-can't-see straight meltdown and you pack up and drive home in wet clothes and then have to do something with those wet clothes, and "Oh no, it is time to start supper." and oh.my.stinkin.goodness, why I am so tired? "

Mrs. Jennifer, you are a woman above women to let us come to the pool and drive you crazy. My kiddos love you and FavCousin and FavCousin #2!!!!!!!


  1. Yes. I am very familiar with the so tired my eyes hurt feeling

  2. Okay,

    Mrs. Jennifer has a pool?!

    We'll be over this afternoon;)

  3. gotta put different bells on each kid so you can find them easily. Try stapling them to their foreheads.

  4. i need a nap and coffee after reading that. i'm totally with you about the swimming thing, it is SO much work.

  5. Are you kidding!!?! You guys coming is the highlight of our week!
    Logan has been showing everyone his shoes and telling them that James gave them to him! It's so cute! He told the librarian, random people at the library, everyone. He said he wants to go to your house to tell James thank you!
    Mollie may be on to something with the bells. Maybe we could shout some kind of code word and make them count off kind of like the von Trapps or something.

  6. I just don't understand. All you do is stay home with your kids??? TOTALLY KIDDING! I promise!!! You're my hero.