Friday, June 10, 2011

PJ Time...Or Not...

Well, yesterday was the last day of VBS. My plan was to stay in my PJs all day and do a whole lotta nothing, but instead I will be going to the doc with my oldest boys for them to get physicals for summer camp. Which they leave for Sunday afternoon. So its today or never.

We made it through the week with absolutely no VBS mishaps. Until the last day and the last 15 minutes. My six little children went up on stage to sing for their parents. Only five little children made it back to the pew. And guess what? All 345 of the VBS children had on orange t-shirts. So they all looked alike to me. But little Andrew was found. Sitting with his mother. Safe and sound. My heart was about to beat out of my chest. Second only to losing your OWN child is losing someone's else's child.

After VBS, we had guitar lessons, violen lessons, and a stop by the Scout store to get shorts for summer camp. We finally ate lunch at 2:45. I will not lie. We came home, threw everything down, and I headed for the couch. I was asleep in five minutes. I have a vague recollection of the children coming in and out and James telling me about the spider he saw on a tree. I was out.

Then supper, and garden work. Lots of hoeing (mostly done by big kids), watering (we need rain so bad), and tying up tomatoes. I have been collecting blackberries all week and now have enough to make some blackberry jam. It appears we will have cucumbers like crazy and Abbie wants to learn how to make pickles so that will be one of our summer projects. I just have to learn how to make pickles so I can teach her.

My little tiny newborn Abbie is turning 10 tomorrow. This time ten years ago I was huge and HOT. She had her little foot up under my rib and I could not WAIT until that child was born. It was so stinkin hot. I cried a lot the last week of her pregnancy. Good thing she was two weeks early or I might have just thrown a little tantrum. I probably did and just don't remember.

Saying all that to say, Aunt Sister Jill, is coming to pick Abbie up this afternoon to whisk her away to a night of luxury at a local hotel. I believe manicures and pedicures are forthcoming.

No one asked me, the mother of said child, I'm just saying. I mean, I just gave BIRTH to her. And changed her diapers and cleaned up the throw-up.

I'm not bitter or anything though.

Totally just kidding Jill! Abbie is pumped up excited and I'm sure today will be a flurry of deciding what to wear and what to pack.

So, do you have a super-busy weekend coming up, or do you actually get to stay in your PJs and rest a little?


  1. I plan to have a SUPER time with Miss Abbie. Sorry Sis - you had your day -J/K!!!

    Tell Abbie Girl I am pumped and ready!

  2. our weekend is crazy. today is our "official" last day of school and i have a meeting with our es (cred teacher with the charter school we go thru), then the girls have dance rehearsal an hour away, in a tiny town with nothing for silas and i to do but sit and wait for them to finish, then a bbq tonight with Hubs' work. tomorrow is their dance recital and in-laws visit, then sunday we're having a bbq but i of course gave myself way too much to do to get ready for this bbq so things are just crazy. can't wait for monday :)

  3. No pj's for me, but while I'm out I do plan to get that Beverly Lewis book and hope for SOME downtime. ;)

  4. Oh I am sure Abbie and Jill are going to have a fantastic time!!! What fun!

  5. I agree that you should get your OWN hotel room. And spa treatment. Oh well...