Monday, June 13, 2011

Is it too soon to whine?...

Hello, My name is MamaHen.

And I am hot.

The End.

I was really going to wait until July to start complaining and I was hoping by then I would have developed enough self-control to where I would not even complain at all, but clearly that is not going to happen.

In other non-interesting or important news, we had a whirlwind weekend.

My Abbie-girl turned 10 on Saturday. Aunt Sister Jill pulled out all the birthday stops (Abbie loves her some Aunt Jill), and then we had strawberry cake for birthday dessert Saturday night. Saturday was also a whirlwind of washing and folding clothes as my big boys were packing for Scout Summer Camp. And then we worked in the garden. Weeding, hoeing, and tying up more tomatoes. Things are really starting to take off now.

It was so dry and hot and I could hear thunder rumbling far away. As I worked I prayed for rain and it wasn't long until the shower started. Oh, it felt so good to be out in the cold rain. So good I just went on weeding as the rain fell. At least until it started lightening and then I decided it might be best to call it a day.

Oh, and on Saturday Abbie loaded up the dishwasher for me. She got a little confused and put dishwashing liquid into the dispenser and not dishwasher soap. We had a floor covered with bubbles. That just kept coming and coming. She meant well and we just cleaned up it after a small lesson in making sure you are putting the right detergent in the right machine.

After church Sunday my big boys left for camp and it is strangely quite here.

In a little while I will be taking my father-in-law to his radiation treatment and then we will head out to Mrs. Jennifer's to swim for awhile. I really should come home and do something productive, but it's probably not going to happen. Not today anyway. Swimming wears the kids out and I can get them in the bed early and then I hope to have some good extended reading time. Cause really, its just too hot to do anything else.

****Okay, is anyone else having trouble linking to other sites, or is it just me? It may be that I am so hot I am dazed and confused about the whole thing?


  1. Your link didn't work, sweetie. I hope you have a restful and good day. I have heard that pouring a little vinegar in the dishwasher will help get rid of the bubbles.
    love you much

  2. don't know about links today, I haven't done a post! I cannot complain about being hot, being from the parts I'm from- we rejoice in the sun!!!

    Did you get your book yet? It should be there soon!

  3. I hope you get lots of rest tonight!

  4. No problemn with links, but I still can't comment on some blogs.

    The problem with your links is you're not deleting the http: that automatically comes up when you click the insert link thingy. Then, when you copy and paste your link you have 2 http's on there.

  5. Happy belated birthday to Abbie, that strawberry cake sounds awesome...that's one of my hubby's favorites!
    I was so hot outside today that I made the kids dip some plastic cups into their little pool & pour them on me :)

  6. I bet your kitchen floor is now sparkling clean (or very slippery)--my brother in law did that once=)

  7. It's hot here too, but I know it's hotter in 'Bama. Thanks for taking Pop to the radiation treatment. I know it gives Mom a break. You could certainly use a break too, so enjoy the pool. Soak up some nice cool water. Love you, Wendster.

  8. Glad you got it! Thanks for the compliment! I am praying for heat relief for your area, it will be a long summer season for y'all if the pattern continues.

  9. mmm... swimming sounds refreshing. So does the rain.

  10. I was really tempted to get cheeky about how "hot" you are, but I am resisting...really...hah,hah...