Friday, June 10, 2011

Open House...Homeschooling

Today at Mrs. White's we are discussing our favorite homeschooling memories. Oh my goodness, I have so many. I have some bad ones also, just to keep it real, but let's just focus on the good ones today, okay?

  • I love the time and freedom my kiddos have to explore what they love. What we do without Matt and all his animals?
  • I remember the day we ran outside to hear the sonic boom.
  • I remember the day we ran outside to see the large yellow hot-air balloon that was floating over our pasture.
  • I remember seeing Matt, who struggled so hard to learn to read, pick up a book and read it to James and I thought my heart would explode.
  • I remember, many many times, calling Mark because I just didn't think I could work with Tyler on his math for one.more.minute and him encouraging me to go on, that it was worth it. And getting off the phone and knowing we were in this thing together and he was going to back me up no matter what.
Of course there are many many many more, but I am going to sign off with this memory. I think this was the day when I realized fully that a day will never turn out just like you planned it. And that as one woman I cannot be all things to all children and that I cannot be in more than one place at a time. And I was able to laugh about it. Cause if you don't laugh, you will cry, and crying really gives me a headache.


  1. Oh I'm so glad you did this because it made me remember the sonic boom, and looking up pics online, and so many other things that a little blurb in a lesson plan book just doesn't cover!

  2. We got to watch a house across the field burn to the ground one chilly Valentine's day. Quite a lesson! My son was traumatized for weeks.

    (btw, your link doesn't work...I wanna read it!)

  3. Thanks Ma! I think I got it working now. And how terrible about the house burning down. That would traumatize me too!

  4. what great memories! i think hands down my favorite memories are teaching each of my kids to read....I have taught 4 of the 5 and the 5th isn't quite 3 yet. Its an awesome feeling - one we all can take pride in :-)

  5. Very sweet!

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home

  6. Fun memories!!! Homeschooling really does create some amazing family memories - and take it from a 29 year old - you remember them well into your adulthood!