Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Birds and the...Bunnies?...

(Meet Sue, Mommy-To-Be)

We were able to get our new rabbit on Tuesday. And we went into the feed store and saw little cute rabbit the rabbit breeder lady told us that she thought said rabbit was already great with bunnies and might even deliver the same night as a result of the stress of being moved.


So far no babies and we can't feel any babies (usually you can feel them). She is eating and drinking well. She took all the straw out of her little house area which leads me to believe she is NOT about to give birth. But then she is also pulling her own hair out which leads me to believe she IS about to give birth.

Or she may just be a little neurotic. Anyway, we are on baby bunny watch and if she hasn't delivered in a week we are going to introduce her to George, our male rabbit. And it should all be very interesting. Talk about a homeschool lesson! George, who has lived the pure bachelor life is very excited about meeting Sue. Like I said, this should all be interesting. I think we should wait until I am conveniently gone for the day and then Mark can take on this experiment and do all the explaining. Whatcha say honey?


  1. Funny - when I was about to give birth...there was NO doubt in anybody's mind!!

  2. What happened to LaFonda?

  3. Mama, after some mommy persuasion Matt decided that might not be the best name for a bunny.