Thursday, August 18, 2011

Donate To What?....

Abbie-girl is trying to save up money to buy her cousin a nifty Christmas present. While I am very glad she is thinking of others; she is also driving me crazy asking for jobs to do around the house to earn money.

My thoughts:
1. A paid job has to involve more than folding a load of laundry. She gets to do that as part of the package of getting to live here.
2. I have run out of little jobs for her to do that I could pay her 50 cents here and there for.

She just came and asked me if I would make a donation to her piggy bank. I looked at her and told her I made a donation to her everytime she got a meal.

She really wanted to roll her eyes at me, but she knows what happens around here when someone even looks like they are about to start the eye roll, and she just calmly turned around and walked away.

Donation, indeed.

***BabyBunnyWatch--still no bunnies. Yesterday she did put all the straw back into her little nesting area. I have given up on trying to interpret what all that means. Maybe she has reached that point in her pregnancy when she has decided she will remain pregnant forever and she just needs to get on with her life. Or maybe she isn't pregnant and she is wondering why we keep going out there and staring at her like a watched pot.


  1. Maybe cleaning the fridge or oven? I would pay "big bucks" for that around here:)

    What are the bunnies for btw? I'm just curious.

  2. Ma, my son Matthew, is planning on selling them as pets to other families. This is our first time to do this so we are in a big learning curve.

    We are not completely adverse to eating the meat, but right now that is not the plan. Now, if we end up with hundreds of little rabbits around here....

  3. What about giving her a really big task? Something that would take a lot of time and perseverance...but then pay her multi-dollars for it. That would give you a break from thinking up little jobs, and also give you an idea of how committed she is!