Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Happy Dance, Part 2

Yesterday when the repair man stepped on my porch I had to refrain myself from, as we say here in Alabama, "hugging his neck and kissing him smack on the mouth."

I did refrain myself though, and I'm sure Daniel, the repairman of mercy, appreciated that.

By the time he got here around 10 my good attitude-I can do this-its not really that hot-its all in my head-delusional world, was gone. Tempers were erupting, there were no smiles in Clarksville-and the kids and I had hit the very hot wall.

By 2:30 he had it in though. When the thermostat clicked on it was 92 degrees. By the time I left to take the boys to Scouts it was down to 88. When I got home it was down to 84. And this morning it is is 74. Thats how hot the house was. My goal is 58.

Just kidding. I think 65 will be sufficient for my cooling off needs.

Today we are headed to Co-op and then I have to go to a meeting tonight on how to teach high school. HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! Tyler isn't there yet, but he will next year and I need to know some of the requirements, how to do credits, etc... I cannot write about how having a child in high school makes me feel right now. Because I will be in a puddle and be worthless all day.

Just like I was yesterday. But at least I would be a cool worthless.


  1. High School! I can wait for that.

    I felt exactly like you did the day our ac repair guy rescued us! 92..that's a bit hotter than we got 90 was the worst.

  2. Yay for AC!! I don't know how you held back the tempers for that long... no AC is the devil's playplace.

  3. Ohh, 58 sounds so wonderful right now. Actually, I would love it even lower - hot flashes don't care what how high the PSE&G bill goes.