Monday, August 22, 2011

Doing The Happy Dance...

Well, I WILL be doing the Happy Dance later today. I HOPE I am doing the Happy Dance later today. I HOPE for everyone's sake I am doing the Happy Dance by 3:00, or even earlier.

Because the new air conditioner unit is supposed to be installed today!!!

Alabama in August is hot. We have made it and I know we could continue to make it, but I am so thankful for the cold air coming.

In other news, well. I really don't have any.

School is in full swing. Co-op starts tomorrow. James is frustrated because he still can't read. I think he thought he would be able to read the first day we started. He is starting to learn to write his name and he sat in church yesterday and wrote it over and over. Well, as well as he could. It really is fun to see them learning and their little minds a-turning.

It seems Sue the Rabbit has recovered and we figured out she loves pears. So I have been giving her lots of pears. I have felt so bad for her.

If any of you live in Pennsylvania please tell me it is nice and cool there. Cause I'll be there in two weeks! My mom, sister, two aunts, one aunt's mom, and I are going to Lancaster County in two weeks. We have been planning it for months and the summer has flown by and here it is. We are super-excited and with all of us going I know there is fun going to be had. And some mis-adventues thrown in also.

Momma, are you sure you want to go on another road trip with me?

But, I am doing the Happy Dance the most of all because 37 years ago today I got a brand new little sister. August was good to me because I got a little sister and a little brother that month. Del has already had his day, but today is Jill's. I know she would love it if you would all run over and wish her a Happy One! I LOVE YOU JILL AND DEL!


  1. I join you in that happy dance and wish you a very long and happy time with that AC.

  2. Cooler today in PA. Perhaps I can meet up with you guys somewhere?

  3. Much cooler in Lancaster. I go every fall and love it. Enjoy the new AC, I don't know how you've lasted with out it.

  4. Poor bunny... my heart breaks for her, especially after seeing how our Yard Bunny loved on her babies!!

    And fun about Pennsylvania!! Congrats on getting away!