Friday, September 2, 2011

The View From My Swing

My swing is one of my most my favorite places to be. I love to just go and sit and look at the kids, the backyard, or even to just sit and stare. Today I grabbed the camera.

Abbie's quilt hanging out on the line.

James being silly, as usual.

Sue the Bunny. I thought we should have called her Flopsy because of her ears, but noooooo, instead Matt named her Sue, after Sue Heck from The Middle.

George, the soon-to-be daddy rabbit. He is just hanging out, being cool, awaiting his introduction to Sue.


  1. i love your view!! i like to sit on my swing for my morning devotions. its a peaceful place to start the day!! Great post :-)

  2. Nice view. James looked like Abbie in that pic.

  3. Sue is a pretty darn adorable bunny, for the record. As is James. Um, you know what I mean.