Monday, September 5, 2011

Things I Never Thought I Would Say...

"Don't rub your bacon on your sister!"

It came about exactly as it sounds. James started rubbing bacon on Abbie. Who can know the mind of a four year old?

In other goings-ons~~

Work continues on the goat fence.

15 quarts of sliced pears done! One more batch of pear sauce and I am through with the pears. Mrs. Jennifer is coming today to pick the rest and that way I won't have to feel any guilt as I sit in my swing and see them hanging there. :)

Ten cent mad scientist glasses from the thrift store had provided hours of entertainment for a certain little boy.

Young ladies getting prettier every day.
Mark is off work today and we are just hanging out at the house. I have big plans to do a whole lotta nothing. How about ya'll?


  1. I'm sure ive said similar Maybe not bacon but other things

  2. I decided to celebrate Labor Day by laboring in my house. It is Fall Cleaning Day here! :)

  3. Hope y'all had a perfect day!