Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Morning

Grandaddy Clark got to come home last night. Whew! It was strange not knowing they were up in their little apartment. I like having all my family close! Now, if I could just get my side of the family to move out here...

The next couple of days are going to be crazy-busy for me. How come the more I try to stay home and simplify, the more I have to get in my van and go? I think it may be because I have a 13 year old.

Ya'll, something scary is happening this weekend. Scary for me anyway. Through a series of very unfortunate events I am going to be taking four kiddos camping--by myself. Actually, it is going to be my two big boys taking me, Abbie, and James camping, but I still have to be the responsible adult. You see, Mrs. Stacey, of the Heritage Girls, keeps planning all these fun camp-outs and keeps telling the girls about them, and then I have to pick up the slack and actually go. Thanks Mrs. Stacey :).

Oh boy. Its a good thing my big boys are pro-Scouts. Abbie and I have done a campout by ourselves before, but this time I will have four. In two separate tents. And I have decided to cook--on the outdoor cooker thing that I can't remember the name for right now. Because there is nothing worse than waking up on a cool morning, leaving your tent, smelling the pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and knowing that you and your daughter are having cold cereal out of little boxes. So, I am cooking. Well, the boys will probably do the cooking...

Okay, so here I start this day. In which we have to research Visigoth crowns for a history project. I have never even heard of a Visigoth crown, have you?


  1. I would take the cold cereal as a back up... bu that's just me ; )

    Have a great day, glad grandaddy is back home.


  2. Did Visigoths wear crowns? Hmmm . . .

    I just posted about last weekend's camping trip Monday night. Maybe stopping by and looking at my photos will inspire you?

    But, in any case, pack both warm and cool clothes, pack a good air mattress to use underneath your sleeping bag, and pack plenty of good food and drinks.

    You still need some bug spray, and of course good shoes or hiking boots and a camera.

    Don't get too close to the centipede!

    Oh, and tie up the trash in a tree well. We had a raccoon visit us early Sunday morning. It toppled two of three garbage bags before a fourteen year old Boy Scout chased it out of camp!

  3. Can James come and stay with Nana and PawPaw? Please, please

  4. Matt and Tyler will take care of you.