Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Tuesday Morning Thunderstorm...

Right now there is a soft rain at my house and the rumble of thunder off in the distance. I have the windows and the back door open so I can hear the rain outside. I love thunderstorms, minus the lightening. NO LIGHTENING STRIKES PLEASE!

Today calls for read alouds, soft quilts, rocking on the front porch, and lazy afternoon naps. Today calls for cuddles and good talks.

Maybe we can get some of that in. Yesterday my father-in-law, who lives right next to us, had to be admitted to the hospital for some tests. So we had an unexpected ER visit and then a hospital visit on our agenda yesterday. Hopefully I will get a call soon to go and pick him up. Just waiting right now for the doctor to come by and tell my mother-in-law some news.

While we are waiting we are doing our morning work and it is on my agenda to clean out the fridge. But ya'll. Rainy days do not call for fridge-cleaning. I wonder which one will win out. I know we will do our readings for school and math, always math. If I let them miss even one day, it is a struggle the next day. And then maybe Grandaddy can come home and we will all be together on this rainy day.


  1. Hope he gets to come home today. Enjoy the rain, sis!

  2. No fridge cleaning on a rainy day! Praying for Granddaddy Clark.

  3. Hoping that Granddaddy came home today....

  4. I LOVE misty, rainy days in the fall!! It's been such a relaxing week.

    I hope your FIL is okay and home now!!