Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Autumn!

Woo-hoo! Today is the first day of autumn and to celebrate I am making my first pot of Sante Fe Soup tonight. With cornbread! I love me some soup. Yummy, easy to make, and easy to clean up!

Today we are celebrating being at home ALL DAY by cleaning up the house that looks like we have been gone ALL WEEK. Which we have. You would think it would perfectly spotless since we have not been here. Totally the opposite. It was also a little wonky in that Mark was home Wednesday. Even though it is nice when he is home I tend to not want to do the "normal" stuff when he is here.

But here is the funny thing-we have gotten so much schoolwork done. I just made school and the necessary errands (orthondonist, doctor, Scouts, etc...) priority. So today school and the house is #1. And the making of soup!

Don't forget to go and enter my three giveaways in the posts below. I will be drawing a winner for the Amish notecards and goat soap later this evening.


  1. I'm totally the same way about the house when my husband's home i always try and get all my major cleaning done on thursdays (our stay home day) so it's clean for the weekend, since i won't do anything anyways! have a great weekend! Happy Fall!

  2. I experience the same phenomena: the more we're gone, the messier the house gets! How does this happen???

    Hope you enjoy your soup tonight. A great idea...

  3. Aw, man - did I win?? Just kidding. Have a great weekend:)