Monday, September 26, 2011

In Which I Ramble On Some More...

Oh my, what a beautiful weekend we had here. This weekend is one of the many reasons I love Alabama. Perfectly delightful weather!

The weekend started out with Abbie and I doing some work with the Heritage Girls bright and early that morning. We helped box fresh produce and then deliver it to low-income residents in an independent living facility. It was hard to get up that early Saturday morning, but I am so glad we did. Abbie was in her element getting to meet people and I was in my element watching her interact with the older people. I know I'm her mama, but she was so sweet and nice!

Then home again to a somewhat lazy day at home. Mark and the big boys built a hay rack for the coming goat(s). Again, I was amazed that Mark can just take some lumber and build something. With no plans. If it was me I would still have a big pile of lumber laying there.

Well, Tyler went five whole days with his braces before popping a bracket. So, it looks like today will involve a trip to the orthodontist. One of Matt's fish died and somehow replacing one fish turned into getting three new fish. I am just glad I don't have to finance Matt's animal projects. He pays for it with his allowance and by doing extra jobs. Well, I guess I am financing it, but he has to work for it. He always has a project in the works though. His wife will need to be a very special (ahem, patient) woman.

Other than the trip to the ortho it looks like we are just doing school and then tonight we have Scouts and Heritage Girls.

I got in some good hammock time this weekend. Hammock time is very good for MamaHen's well-being. As a matter of fact I am thinking of writing a book called, What Every Mama Needs~~ A Good Hammock and The Time To Lay In It. Mark took a picture of me lazing about and said that if I could get a laptop and my cellphone out there I would be in my natural habitat. And then I laughed and laughed until I rolled out of the hammock.
Not really. I gave him the look and instructed him to get busy grilling our supper. Didn't he know I was having Hammock Time? :)


  1. Love me so Hammock Time, especially in the fall.

  2. No hammock at my house. That would require having more than one tree...

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend and day, Mama Hen! I understand about those brackets. The other day my eldest sneezed and popped a bracket! That was only the second one she's lost in nearly two years! Hope you had a good evening at AHG! :)