Friday, October 21, 2011

Around The Little House This Week...

It appears that Sue the Bunny is expecting several little bundles of joy. We expect the arrival of baby bunnies the last week of October or the first week of November. Mother Bunny is doing well and George the father has no idea about her condition and would only like to have a date with Sue again. Scandalous, I know.

Wednesday morning I stumbled out of bed, made my cup of ambition, and reached for the creamer. But, sadly, the creamer was warm. As in it appears my fridge went out sometime the day before and as the light has not worked in it for years I had no idea. I woke Mark up and he declared it deader than a doornail. So, by 9 that morning I was at Lowe's with the kiddos getting a new fridge. It was delivered yesterday and ya'll, it is so pretty. And clean. And all the crispers slide in and out. And look, a little light. And the icemaker works. And the door shelves don't fall off when you open it up.

Its a whole new fridge world. Its so pretty I don't want to put anything in it. I just want to sit and stare.

Heads up ladies~~if you don't know what is under and behind your fridge right now~just remember~Ignorance is Bliss.

Batman came to visit yesterday. James knows a Super-hero is supposed to do something, but he isn't always clear what exactly they are supposed to do. After donning his mask he declared he was off to "turn some people into bats!"

Matt's aquarium is shaping up. The giftcard he received for his birthday from Nana and Pawpaw helped with the endeavor greatly. I'm not a big fan of fish myself-I prefer the soft and cuddly pets, but Matt loves these fish. His library selections for the past few weeks have been all about fish care and aquarium set-ups. He has several different kinds of fish and he told James he could put two of his own in there also. James named them Steve and Movie Star. Since he has a chicken named Mystery Solver, Movie Star doesn't seem so strange.

Abbie has the day off from school today because we are going to be baking. Tomorrow is her American Heritage Girl Bake Sale Service Project and we have got to get cooking! The boys will soldier on with their schoolwork, but at least they will be able to taste-test the goodies for us.


  1. Congratulations on the new fridge! I love our big fridge, but at times I wish we had a second one because it sure would come in handy sometimes!

    Be sure to post photos of those yummy goodies Abby bakes! :)

  2. Pretty fridge and pretty fishtank!

  3. Nothing like a new appliance to make a girl's heart beat soar!!

  4. How ironic~ I just cleaned out my fridge this morning... and OH the humanity.
    Sweet lil' bunny~ going to be lots of sweet lil' bunny babies! *squeeeal*

  5. I have NEVER had a new fridge in my life. That looks glorious!!!

    And congrats on the baby bunnies!! I do miss bunnies... but not badly enough to want one.

  6. Rachel-this is my first "real new fridge" I have had a couple of hand me downs, but I have to say I am like a proud new momma. It is delightful!

  7. I love that Batman is turning people into bats=)