Monday, October 24, 2011

Motherhood 101: Words To Watch For Edition....

Here's a head up for any moms who have not-yet-talking children. If you hear any of the these words coming from your child's mouth be prepared to:

1. Get up and/or
2. Panic and/or
3. Run to the store and/or
4. Take someone to the ER and
5. Cry, because really,"all you wanted was to sit here in your comfy pjs and finish your book. That's all you wanted. You did not want to have to go anywhere, you just wanted to finish your book. Why? Why do they wait until you pick up your book? Why?????"

You will have to do any of these things or possibly a combination of the above things when you hear your little darlings say:

"Oh mom, I forgot..."

"Mom, don't get upset, but..."

"I was just..."

"Its not bad, just a little cut..."

"I am supposed to have (insert any of a number of things) by Bible Study tomorrow..."

"I can't find..."

Do you moms have any to add to the list of "be prepared" phrases?


  1. I wasn't trying to hurt him but...


  2. "You should follow me." Straight from the three year old's mouth

  3. You poor thing. You need a book-reading vacation, I believe.

  4. You all are cracking me up!

    One of my favorites is "_____, put that knife (or hammer, etc) down!" as spoken by another sibling.


  5. "I didn't know that," or "I forgot"

  6. The one that gets me goes something like this... "Mom, I have something to tell you, but it's not really bad..." followed by something that usually involves a pretty major clean-up. :)