Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laundry Bootcamp

Okay, ladies, a couple of posts ago I told you I was sitting on ready because I felt all out of sorts with being caught up on my laundry. I am doing my ironing once a week (on Monday afternoons) and am doing two-three loads of laundry each day, except for Sunday. This is working out really well in that everyone has clean clothes and I'm not feeling overwhelmed. But, I have noticed that some particular children in my house are not appreciating all my hard work. They do fold (sometimes) and they are responsible for getting the folded clothes off my bed and putting them away.

Here is where the problem comes in. Before and after the laundry gets to me I am noticing some lack of, um, concern with the younger folks.

So, I am planning on starting a Laundry Bootcamp at my house pronto. Here are some of the rules I am laying down before it begins:

1. Clean folded clothes DO NOT go back into the laundry hamper.

2. Clean folded clothes DO NOT go on top of the dresser, beside the dresser, or even under the dresser. They go IN the dresser. That's why we have a dresser in the first place.

3. Pajamas are not necessarily dirty each time you wear them. They can be folded and put back into the dresser.

4. Belts must be taken off of pants BEFORE being put into the hamper. Because when they get caught on that little rubber thing in the washer it makes mommy a little cranky.

5. Crayons, glow sticks, pens, pencils, or old apple cores do not get to be washed in the washing machine. If they need to be washed you can wash them yourself in the sink. Or better yet, you can stop sticking them in your pockets and then forgetting to take them out. The only extra thing I want to find in the laundry is money of the bill persuasion. I consider it a little "tip" for all my hard work.

So tomorrow, bright and early, before we start our schoolwork everyone is going to learn the proper way to do laundry. Cause if Mama ain't happy with the laundry situation, no one is going to be happy. :)

So sweet ladies, am I forgetting anything important about kids and laundry? Do your kiddos do any of the above or is it just mine?


  1. Love this post! Turning socks the right side out so the dirty part is washed not the inside of the sock. I think you covered everything else.


  2. This situation is worldwide, I am sure! I finally blew a gasket last night and came down hard on my son, who piles his clean laundry of the work out bench in his room, come on, puh-lease just put it away!

    I won't even begin on my daughter's room...bleh...

  3. i was caught up on laundry....then last wednesday my washer broke. then thursday it healed itself. so i did 1 of 6 loads i had waiting. then over the weekend 6 loads became 10. so this morning, i got to work. and the washer broke again. there is no relief in sight. and laundromats give me the heeby jeebies.

  4. You MUST have been doing the laundry at my house! My favorite thing is when I get a text from my son while he's at school telling me he left gum or a pen in his jeans from the previous day. At least he tells me! I can't say the same for my hubby. And why can't men wear their pj's more than one night? Great list!

  5. I totally agree with everythign on this list.

  6. Awesome list!!! I don't know how many times I had the same conversations with our girls. There is one more thing I would add to the list: our girls like to gather up their large t-shirts with a rubber band in the back and then leave the rubber band in when they pitch them in the hamper. Drives me crazy!

  7. I know exactly how you feel! I am sick and tired of washing clean clothes, because someone was too lazy to put them away!

    But, you have a few big kids... I vote if they don't adhere to the bootcamp rules, they do their own.
    ; )

    I bet your James is just like my 4yo Joshie, he actually saves me laundry because he wears the same outfit four days/nights straight!


  8. I am sooo with you on putting clean clothes in the laundry. Justin is terrible.
    Let me know how your boot camp turns out. I might try it myself.

  9. Bethany-thats what I'm going for. The older ones can and will do their own laundry, its just all the "little things" that are adding up to lots of mommy frustration. I truly don't mind doing laundry, it is just soooo frustrating to find clean clothes in the hamper or things that haven't been worn in forever in the dirty clothes pile!!!

    Lisa-noooo, broken washing machines are the worst!

  10. Well, I have stranger things in my laundry. Pocket knives. Crayons. Hair clips. Buzz Lightyear. Legos. Plus more.

    Oh, and here we fold the pajamas or nightgowns and place them under our pillows. If we're neat. Truthfully, mom accepts them placed neatly on top of pillows and on top of the quilts, too. I don't require them to go back into the dressers. That would just be tempting something to go awry.

  11. Yep Michelle, I have tried the pjs under the pillow thing also. Evidently my communication has not been very clear so far.