Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh ya'll....

What a weekend!

I made it through the camping experience, but it was really not that fun. For me anyway. The kiddos loved it. I tolerated it. I kept repeating in my head, "It is not about me. It is not about me. It is about serving Christ by serving my kids." Repeat, repeat, repeat. But to be completely honest I could not get home quick enough. As soon as the truck stopped in the driveway I headed inside, hugged Mark, and headed to bed. Where I fell dead asleep for 1 1/2 hours. And then I was groggy and grumpy the rest of the night.
(I camped-cooked for the first time ever and it was good!)

Sunday was busy overload. I hate busy Sundays. Hate them. And yes, hate is a strong word, but its true. I won't bore you with the details, but I swung between tired, mad, happy, frustrated, and excited. And that was just between 1-2 pm.

Last night the one of the big boys was playing football after church with some friends and he accidentally stepped on another boy's arm. And it broke. When I found out all about it I just got a very sick feeling in my stomach. So this morning I will be calling the boy's parents to get the scoop and check on him. I know it was an accident, but I feel horrible.

James also had some kind of accident outside in which he got a black eye. He won't tell us the details. Only that a piece of wood hurt him. He says "he doesn't want to talk about it." Sometimes living with some of my more contrary children is an exercise in perseverance. Perseverance in not pulling my hair out. And screaming into a pillow.

In other, much more important news. Today is little Jonathon's surgery. I can't be at the hospital today, but I'll be there tomorrow with Rebekah and Eric. I have been praying little prayers all morning and I know they would appreciate any that you lift up also.

So, today is home and Scout day. Its also Math Day. I've got to do a good math check-up on the big kids. See, I don't particularly like math. I like it more than I used to. But I would much rather make lessons plans for history or literature units. So I have to make myself check up on the kids or lets just say, we could get a little behind. That's my homeschool goal this year. To get into a regular habit of checking up on math. Ahhhhh, this discipline thing. Its killing me. Doesn't math know I need to be out enjoying this beautiful weather? Maybe we can do math check-ups in the swing outside? There we go.

I am also washing sheets and quilts today and hanging them on the line. Mark got the goat's watering thing built this weekend and after he gets one more part on the fence fixed we will start goat shopping. Yikes! I am excited and scared at the same time.


  1. CAMP COOKING?!?! Camp cooking is on a wire rack hanging froma tripod over a fire! Take me with you next time! I'll show you how it's really done! But make sure to pack your shower cap to protect what's left of your hair! ;)

  2. Oh my - that was quite the weekend...and now things can only go up from there, right? Well, minus that whole math on a Monday morning thing! Yuck. I hate math - and I know hate is a strong word but totally mean it when it comes to math!!:)

    Here's counting on a great week ahead!

  3. Poor James baby! Tell him Aunt Jill will get him a prize. I hope you spanked that bad piece of wood!

    I need to go on the record and say I'm not in favor of the goats. Just sayin'.

  4. Jill, you know one of their middle names will be Aunt Jill...

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  5. I still say that your blogging will get even more lively once the goats enter the picture. (She writes with a sinister smirk on her face...)


  6. Your a wonderful mom. I told DH before we married, that any travelling we did, would require hotel rooms and resturaunts. I guess that's why we never go anywhere=)
    My dad sold campers when I was growing up, we "got" to test them all out...which was great, we were able to travel alot...but.I never stayed in a hotel until I was grown!