Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Personal Day....

Yesterday, I got to take a mommy "personal day". My wonderful awesome unbelievable mom kept and schooled the children yesterday so I could do some errands. I'm not gonna lie, it was delightful. Delightful in that I didn't have to be in a hurry, there was no real timetable, I got to pick what I wanted to eat for lunch, and the best part-I knew they would all be home at the end of the day and I could get all the hugs and kisses I wanted. Well, from two of them anyway. Two of my children don't like hugs and kisses so I try not to push it. I save it for mommy-desperate hug times.

I am happy to report that I went to downtown Birmingham all by myself yesterday and DID NOT get lost-not even one time. I went straight to the hospital and was able to come straight by to my town. Even though two roads were closed due to construction. I felt so grown-up.

I saw little Jonathon and it was all I could do not to just scoop him up out of the bed and give him some rocking. He is still hurting pretty badly and it was hurting me to see him like that and his momma having to watch him like that. We are praying today is going to be a much better day.

I did get my hair cut. I decided at the last minute to go for a trim and not an actual cut, but I really like it. I also decided against feathers and beads. Not that I even really considered it, but I did think about getting some feathers from the dollar store and seeing what Mark would say.

And ya'll, yesterday I did one of those things you think of little old gray ladies doing.

I purchased some reading glasses. I am wearing them right now. The look on my kiddos faces yesterday was priceless when they came home. They didn't know whether to laugh or compliment.

I have been noticing for about 6 months now I couldn't see my Bible print and then I would notice I was having to get my books at just the "right distance" to be able to read. So, here I am. I am not sure what will be next. Menthol ointments and heating pads? Oh, wait, I already do that. Hmmmm...

I like the glasses though. For one, I can see the computer screen without squinting. Two, I am sure they are going to add a look of maturity and wisdom as I march into Bible study Thursday with all four kiddos and all our paraphernalia trailing along with us. Or, they just might say, "Wow, she is really old to still have a four year old...."

I did not buy a cute little chain to hold my glasses around my neck necklace style. But I can already tell that is going to be a problem. I read all day long. On and off, on and off. The potential for these glasses getting lost is huge.

Wow, I can't believe I devoted a whole post to reading glasses and you probably can't either. So, what do you, my sweet internet friends, have to say? Necklace for the glasses, or not?


  1. Ah - the blessing/cursing of reading glasses! I LOVE being able to actually see - so nice. The on/off...on/off - a thousand times a day (not to mention the "has anyone seen my glasses?? for the umptenth time!) can get more than a bit annoying!!

  2. YES! You need a super cute chain for the glasses. I might be on the hunt!

  3. I love my chain for my computer glasses. See if you call them that no one they are old women glasses.

  4. missed a word. no one thinks they are old women glasses. can you tell that I don't have them on?

  5. Hey--watch what you say about little gray haired ladies and their reading glasses----I have real glasses that cost me 100's $$ that I never wear, and about 8 pair from Target dollar isle, that I use all the time. For a dollar, you can stash them all over the house.
    And they are in bright fun colors and prints, which makes me seem less the old lady. I'll be sure and let you know next time Target has them.
    They work great to push your hair back too--because headbands dig in and hurt behind my can do that instead of buying a chain.

  6. Forgot to say---YAY- not getting lost downtown! When my big kids had science labs at McWaine, we came back home a different route everytime! One time was by way of Fultondale....Jake bought me a TomTom that year for Christmas=)

  7. I thought your glasses looked great! No wonder you shared such wise thoughts today. :)