Thursday, October 6, 2011

pretty, happy, funny, real....


One of my girls~~Mystery Solver. Yep, James named her when she was just a chick. I guess he thought they were going to solve some crimes together. All the girls are happy and back to normal now. We are getting about 6-9 eggs a day.


Watching my kiddos playing outside makes me very happy.


Aunt Molly taught Matt how to put the rabbits in some sort of a trance. You lay them on their backs slowly and then they just lay there. Sue, our female, is a very wild rabbit and to be able to let her go hands-free like is pretty neat. She's pretty funny laying there too. It looks like you have a dead rabbit laying in your lap.

Funny and Real~~

At the campout last week a group of the girls decided they wanted to start a new trend. They came up with lacing their shoes from the top down. I took a picture to document the start of this new trend and came up with the name-Top-Tied. So, be looking for this new craze to sweep the nation soon....

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  1. I love the rabbit trick! And the shoelaces are great :)

  2. YOu know, I think I learned that trick when I was in 4-H, but can't remember it now exactly.....

  3. Smart kids...real(ly) funny - and cute!!

  4. I wonder just how long that shoelace thing will last . . . really, will they have the patience to take the additional time required to tie their shoes that way for very long? It'll be interesting to see.

  5. My kids would love your house...chickens! I posted about a trip to a farm that actually had me considering getting chickens because of the little chicks.

    I'm in the middle of suburbia without a fence so it's not happening...

    But the kids ask for chickens more than they ask for a dog!