Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This and That Wednesday...

~My James is sick. Fever, headache, earaches. I'll see how this one plays out in the next few hours to decide about the doctor. Right now he is laying on the couch behind me wide awake.

~I am caught up on my laundry and ironing. It gives me an uneasy feeling.

~In school we have been studying the French-Indian War and the events leading up to the Revolution. So, while I was ironing Monday I decided to check out Last of the Mohicans on Netflix. Bad move. I had forgotten how much violence this movie has. Although a good movie, story-wise, I had even more bad dreams last night. Matt, my only child who has even a little bit of interest in history, loved it though. Figures.

We also recently watched Johnny Tremain. I think I feel asleep at the end because I don't remember how it ended. It was pretty bad. The kids whined about it so much I finally told them I was "going to make them read the book and write a five page book report on it if they didn't hush up and watch the dumb movie!" By the way, this is not one of my best homeschooling moments. Threatening your children with school work for bad behavior is not a good move.


  1. Poor kid,

    mine were sick too this last week.

  2. I can send you some laundry to do if you want some.

  3. And yet, we all have days like that. Monday my kids watched Around the World in 80 Days with Pierce Brosnan. I did make them read the book first, though. Which is usually the way I do it, b/c I'm a mean mom! ;) If you've got a sick child, though, rules are made to be bent. Get well soon, James.

  4. Um, is it bad that I have no idea who Johnny Tremain is?

    I need an update on my James.

  5. Poor James!! I hope he feels better soon!!!

  6. Never knew there was a movie. Too bad it wasn't good, as the book is SO great!
    Hope you young 'un feels better.