Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Morning...

~James does have an ear infection. This was one of the few times I have taken my child to the doctor and they actually acted sick at the doctor. And had a fever at the doctor so that the doc could see they actually have a fever and I am not just lying about him having a 104 fever in the middle of the night. Do your kiddos do that? Suddenly get well when they walk through the front door of the doctor's office?

But, he was dutifully pitiful and we got our antibiotics so hopefully he will be lots better by this afternoon. He still had a fever when he woke up this morning, but he said his ear didn't hurt. It is so strange, he went the first three years of his life without any ear infections, and now he has had two just this year. I have been getting some good snuggles with him though. Also, we have learned that James can get ummm, a little grouchy, when he doesn't feel well. Whew, lets just say he better be glad he is sick...

I truly hate that he is sick, but I feel like I am getting a "bonus day" at home today. We normally go to CBS, violin and guitar lessons, on Thursday. We are doing school light-math and history and then I hope we can have an afternoon of a whole bunch of nothing.

~Oh, and I need to go get Matt's birthday present today. Tomorrow is his big day. Nothing like your momma waiting to the last minute. He has also requested homemade apple pie for his birthday breakfast. So I'll be working on that today also.


  1. :D Why does it take a "sick" day to slow us down? Kind of... :D It's the Mama Syndrome, I think.

  2. So sad he's sick! Hope all is better soon. Enjoy the birthday and especially the apple pie!!!

  3. Oh my kids were always instantly well when we arrived at the doctor's office. I think I may have even threatened them a time or two - you better be sick when we get in there!? :) Sure hope your little man is on the mend....and happier for it!

  4. Lots of kiddoes have ear infections/problems from dairy allergies. Maybe your goat's milk (in time) will help him out!