Monday, November 7, 2011

Current Going-Ons...

~I am currently in the midst of moving some furniture in my house. At my house when you move furniture you find a whole bunch of mess that needs to be cleaned up. I don't know why I do this to myself. You would think I would start to have some of this figured out with the big 39 coming up. You would think.

~Abbie has just informed me she is starting a band with three of her friends from AHG and church. She is hoping for a fifth to join soon. Her first song is a Books of the Bible song to teach others how to remember them. It will be interesting to see how this band plays out since they have no way to get together and practice.

~I noticed all these little pieces of paper laying around the furniture in my living room. Upon closer inspection they read, "Leave in your will to Abbie" or, "Abbie claims this." Hmmmm, does she know something I don't?

~Abbie found out Saturday she got a speaking part in the Christmas play at church. She has them already memorized and said them for me this morning. Her dreams of public speaking are finally coming true.

~No Baby Bunnies. Sad, but also a little relieved since the nights are turning colder. I guess we will have to wait until spring to get some little bunny sweeties.

~My oldest, Tyler, did his Order of the Arrow ordeal for Boy Scouts this weekend. Its all top-secret, from moms anyway, but he did all he needed to do and I am glad he is safe back at home. Where I can look at him and feed him and make sure he is warm in his bed at night. This morning Mark measured and he is officially taller than me. I think he forgot he is supposed to be a 6 lb, 9 oz newborn.

~Speaking of newborns, my teeny-tiny newborn James is turning five on Friday. I can't speak of it or I just might wither away. Hormones and newborns turning five can make for a hard week for a momma. So, if I don't post anymore its because I have given up the will to get out of bed and I'll just sit and stare at my old baby books.

Ya'll, can you even imagine when the last one moves out? Its going to be bad around here.


  1. Apparently Abbie does not share your sentiments of public speaking. That's probably a good thing.

    Moving furniture is great fun... it's the cleaning under it that is such a bore.

    Maybe Abbie's hints about your will have something to do with your turning 39 soon. To her that would be super old! Remember when you thought 30 was old? Now, I talk to my hubby about senior citizens, saying "oh, he's only 83."

    Have a great day, Dear. I'm certain you'll pull through. ; )


  2. Lots of miscellaneous busy-ness happening at your home, I see. Did I know Tyler was being inducted into OA? In any case, congratulations on that. Great job, Tyler! :)