Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Long Days Part...

You know how my blog is called Long Days, Short Years? We have been heavy on the "long" part around here lately.

Just some snippets:
James has a throw-up something. Hoping it is a quick virus.
Mark hasn't felt good in days.
I have a cold.
My father-in-law fell Monday and had to have stitches (ER visit included).
The lightening strikes saga continues-we had to have the whole house rewired last week.
I managed to get lost downtown even with a GPS (more about that later).
A certain child in my house is trying my patience and is giving it all they've got.
Mark called a little while ago and said he has a deacon's meeting after church and I thought I was going to cry.
James threw up in the car and that was a joy to get to clean up. Not really.
I have done five loads of laundry today and there is still a load out in the dryer.

But, its not all bad.

I get to be home and take care of James. He's on the couch now watching Curious George.
I think I am on the mend.
My father-in-law was not too seriously hurt. It could have been a lot worse.
I got a GPS (which I will introduce to you later because she has become a very special friend)
The house is now re-wired and supposedly if lightening strikes the house again it will not knock out all our major appliances.
I've got a washing machine to do the throw-up laundry in. My grandmother literally went to the creek and drew water to do her laundry when she was first married. I've got it good in that regard. Cause we would just have to wear dirty clothes.
If we are well on Saturday we are going to my mom's for an early family Thanksgiving. And mom's always make it better.
The child that is giving me fits-This Too Shall Pass. That's what they say anyway.

But you know what? A hot brownie with cold vanilla bean ice cream on top wouldn't hurt anything, would it?

If only I was able to get inside the store to buy the stuff before James got sick. Oh well.


  1. I'm not sure, really, which is worse....a trying child...or a puking child. (I suppose a trying child who also has a stomach bug. ugh.)

    Go for the brownie!

  2. Ummm, you can just take the "if" out of "if I get to go to Mom's" and replace that with "when". Not an option Missy. Hope little James is all better soon. And you too!

  3. Poor little guy:(

    Get some chocolate-stat!

  4. Ug, and so close to his birthday.
    I am glad you see the bright side, I'd still be whining. I can thankfully acknowledge, though, my Chinese kids have never thrown up--thank God! (and they better notstart now--since I said that).
    I hope you are all well now, and have a belly full of turkey=)