Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update 2011:.......

Bunny Watch 2011: No new bunnies as of yet. Still waiting and watching for any sign. The fact that we really have no idea what to look for, or even if she is really expecting does not hamper us one bit.

Grocery Watch 2011: Mark has asked me to please, "carve out some time today" to buy some groceries. Its getting a little sad around here.

Confession Time 2011: I really really like the new fridge being almost empty. Its so pretty and new that way.

Laundry Bootcamp 2011: So far so good. No one wants to be the first to have to do the family laundry for a week and they are turning those socks the right way. Now, if we can just get them INTO the hamper we will be on our way!

So today, school, groceries, and other assorted child drama. James is faaarrrr more dramatic than any of my others have been. Last night as he was eating candy he declared his throat was hurting. I asked him what was wrong and he said, and I am not making this up,

"I think I have been poisoned."

And he was serious.

I assured him he was not being poisoned and then he was fine.

Never thought that would be on my mommy-duty list.


  1. Well, who wouldn't want to verify candy poisoning?

  2. One additional benefit to bare-bones refrigerators......when you get a crazy craving (for...well, for food, for example) - you can beat the temptation!!

  3. Aw, poor James. Funny the things kids can come up with. Had you been reading the Hank the Cowdog episode with the poisoned bacon grease recently? I hope he doesn't eat too much candy. :)