Sunday, October 30, 2011

Heard Around Here Lately....

I was in my swing and Abbie was discussing something about one of the Duggar boys getting married.

James walked over to her and said, "Abbie, I am going to marry you."

She replied, "You can't marry me, you are my brother."

He said, "I am talking about when we are all grown up!"

And my heart got just a little bit mushier. I love these two. Abbie is like a little mom to him and he knows she is always watching out for him.


  1. Too cute!!

    ...and is there another Duggar wedding coming up? Chris is just going to DIE if there isn't a girl Duggar getting married soon. He's ready for a Duggar Wedding Blowout!!

  2. Rachel, it was something about the Duggars. Abbie is my go-to girl on all things Duggar, I really know very little about them. It might have been their friends, the Bates? I really wasn't paying that much attention to tell you the truth :)