Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage....

A couple of nights ago I asked Mark what was his favorite thing about me.

He thought for a little while and then said, and I'm not kidding,

"You try hard."

That wasn't really what I was looking to hear.

After he explained himself I got what he was saying and even though its not the most romantic answer I understood what he meant.

And then, because I can't leave well enough, I said,

"Well, what's the second best thing you like about me?"

He thought and thought and then said,

"You mean well...."

So there you go ladies-I am MamaHen and I try hard and I mean well. Nice to know you.


  1. its quite possible that Mamma Hen might be leaving out the joking context and the running joke.
    entirely possible.

  2. What? We were joking?

    ust kidding honey.

  3. Hahahahahahah...someone help him...hurry....

  4. Look on the bright side. He COULD have pointed out physical features.

  5. You mean well??? Does that mean you don't succeed in what you're trying to do, but he knows you MEAN WELL??? Nice.


  6. I love it!!! Sounds just as "romantic" as my hubby's response would have been! ;)

  7. hahaha i try hard and mean well too ;-)