Saturday, January 28, 2012

A (Really) Early Saturday Morning Post...

This morning Sadie the Puppy has had a tee-tee accident inside, the other kind of accident inside, and has torn a new small hole in the floor. She woke me up at 6:00 on this Saturday morning when I didn't have to get up. She is currently out on the back porch whining and crying to come back in. She is scratching the metal screen door in a most pitiful way and the noise is most annoying.

Matt just said, "Mom, Sadie is equal to about six cats."

I thought, "A hundred would be more like it."

But she sure is cute. And when she is asleep and dreaming and her little legs get to moving it is adorable.

And there is hope for this MamaHen who greatly dislikes cleaning up poop. Sadie is moving outside today. Mark is building a temporary fence close to the house for her. She will have a place to run around and play and poop that is not in my house. When she gets a little bigger she will move to the big goat enclosure.

Now I am going to try to convince one of the boys to build a little dog house in which I can paint and put her name on. I know they will be excited to spend their Saturday that way, don't you?

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