Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Morning...

Found this on Pinterest and it could not be more true. Especially the girl wearing the shorts and flip-flops while the snow is coming down. We get it so rarely we have to run out in it no matter what we are wearing. It doesn't last long around here.

The forecast says no snow, but Alabama has the potential for some pretty bad stormy weather today. We have had our share of bad tornado weather this past year and now it really puts me on edge when the weather starts to feel this way. So, I will spend this morning cleaning house. Because that makes a lot of sense you know. Clean up before the big storm comes. I guess that is my way of dealing with the stress of it all.

Did you know I ALWAYS have to make up my bed before I leave to go anywhere? Because if the house catches on fire while I am away I want the fireman to see I cared enough about the house to make the bed. I know, I probably need to talk to someone about these issues....


  1. That is SOOOOO true! I agree, I have to repin it because it's so funny.

  2. I'm with you on the bed making....i also have to have an empty dishwasher, i know, weird.

  3. That is okay baby girl, your Mama is cleaning house too!! Ya'll have your radio on so you can hear all the alerts.

  4. I am the same way! And I made the boys clean their room
    tonight just so we wouldn't trip if we had to go in the middle of the night to get them!

  5. That is so funny! I have this big huge list of things to get done before any snow fall around here in GA. That pic is so southern especially with the milk and bread. We make bread so that never bothers us when the store is out, but milk, I just don't get! LOL!