Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pics For Nana and PawPaw...

Abbie and James decided James needed to be the Statue of Liberty the other day. I have no idea how they come up with these ideas, but they seem to have fun doing it.

It appears that someone got hold of the camera.

We took Abbie's new violin in to get repaired and while there James found these little violin starter kits. He really wanted one. But they were $13 for the cardboard violin and then $7 for the cardboard bow and I was like, "No way Jose!" but I told him I would make him one at home. Usually he forgets about stuff like that as soon as we leave the store, but this time he pestered me until Mark brought a cardboard box home and I had made him a violin. He is using a "bow" compliments of our backyard. He loves it! He has been giving us concerts and he even hid the violin in a special place so it wouldn't get messed up. Oh my goodness, I love this child.

Abbie with her new violin. Thank you Aunt Trish for this wonderful gift. She loves playing and I love to see her playing!

Today I am linking up at Homeschool Creations and Her Moments To Remember Series.


  1. I love the creativity in the homemade violin and bow! It seems like something my son would do. Somehow the backyard always finds it's way inside, doesn't it? :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love how they are imitating the Statue of Liberty. So creative!

    I stopped in from MTR.

  3. Beautiful pictures of your children and the violins... and such a great idea to make a violin for your younger child. I will be doing this soon!

  4. Fun!! I think if Emmi got together with these 2, they could rule the world=)