Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heard Around Here Lately....

Sunday night Mark and the boys watched at two-part Star Trek episode off of Netflix.

Between the episodes Matt said, "Dad, it bet it was torture to have to wait a whole week before you got to see the next show."

Just wait until we tell him about having to wait to use the computer until someone was off the phone. Or not knowing who was calling until you answered the phone. Or having to wait until the movie was at the movie store to go and then trying to rush to beat the crowd to get one of the only five copies.

What else am I leaving out? :)


  1. or having to communicate through written letters rather than e-mail.

  2. Or having to go to the computer lab and wait till a computer was free to type your paper.

  3. Cell phones in bags! Telephones connected to walls! Heating leftovers in the oven instead of the microwave. :)

  4. Milk from a cow
    water from a well
    Sears & Robuck catalogs
    a real hardware store
    Walking down a country road without worrying about abduction
    sweat and B.O. being a part of life

  5. Or growing up with one bathroom. Or your Dad calling every emergency room in town when your Mom is a couple hours late getting home - because cell phones weren't invented yet and she was always notoriously late. Cell phones saved my parent's marriage - I can swear by it.