Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Red Letter Day...


Yesterday something happened that was unexpected and some might say extraordinary.

I drove downtown to Children's Hospital and DID not get lost one time.

The parking lot to the hospital was full and closed and I did not panic. I drove around to the other side and was able to get in. And find a good parking space.

And I did not cry. Or hyperventilate. Or even tear up.

I owe it all to Patti.

My GPS. A gift given to me by my father who no doubt was tired of hearing all the getting lost stories. And Patti is delightful. She tells me if I miss a turn. And then she re-evaluates the situation and directs me on the the right path. Literally. She KNOWS the right path. And she TELLS me!

Oh Patti-you have a special place in my van. And hopefully soon I can get your little holder replaced and I can prop you up in your special place of honor right on top of the radio. I'll even come up with a special song that can just be ours. And I'll sing really loud and embarrass the kids even more. They think its silly that I talk to you like you are a person. Won't they be surprised when we start singing together?


  1. I love it that you spell Patti with an "i". Well, wonders never cease!

  2. Hooray for GPS! I only have my iphone, but I love it.

  3. I love it! We had a gps, named beyonce (long story), and then she died. Now we're gps-less. Sad day.

  4. I think we need Patti. We have Surfer Dude, and while he is highly entertaining, he does send us on some wild goose chases sometimes.. and then tells us to "chill dude"...

  5. We have one too, called Missy. She keeps me calm and happy on drives too :)

  6. Yay for the GPS getting to and from Children's Hospital! Although I think I am finally getting to know my way around it!