Friday, February 3, 2012

My New Most Favorite Blog In The Whole Wide World....

(Not that I might be a little overly dramatic about this one, or anything)

Okay, somehow I came across this blog and I laughed and laughed and then I went back and laughed some more.

You know all those Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" posters up on Pinterest? Well, some very smart hilarious woman has made them into Ryan Gosling Homeschool "Hey Girls" and they are very clever and hilarious. My personal favorite so far is the, "Hysterical child on the phone who won't do his math assignment" one. Go ahead, check it out and come back. Cause I have an idea.

See? Told you they were great.

Now, Ryan is cute and all that, but he doesn't have a thing on my Sweet Hubby. Not a thing.

So, last night I had an idea. I am going to print out pictures of Mark, put these homeschooling quotes on them, laminate them and they are going on my fridge, my planning notebook, my mirror, on the washing machine (cause you know it has a crush on me, right?), wherever I go throughout the day. This way I can oogle my very own-good looking man and laugh.

How about you? Would your hubby make a great homeschooling "Hey Girl" guy?


  1. I love love love the hysterical math homework one! I have threatened to call their dad, but never have:)

  2. Oh Ma, I have called, many many times.