Thursday, February 2, 2012

Will wonders never cease?....

You may remember the other day I saw a cow in a farm trailer going down the interstate giving birth? It was memorable to say the least.

I thought it would hard to top that.

Well, well, well. I had a little surprise yesterday in my own home. And my eyes still aren't sure they saw what they saw and my brain is still processing. But, I have to believe it really happened. All the evidence is there.

As I was putting the groceries away I handed James the 12 pack of toilet paper and told him to go put it away. Later I went in to the bathroom fully expecting to see the pack of paper laying on the floor. Because to five year old James putting it away means taking it to the correct room and throwing it in as far and as hard as he can.

I walked in and looked around in disbelief. I rubbed my eyes and declared again I really needed new contacts.

He had:

1. Opened the package
2. Put all 12 rolls in the basket beside the toilet where the extra rolls go.
3. And wonder of wonders, PUT THE EMPTY PACKAGE INTO THE TRASHCAN, and did not leave it laying on the floor.

Tears welled in a brimming pool in my eyes as my heart sang with joy at the sight before me.

And in the still quiet background I thought I heard the Avett Brothers begin to sing "Just A Closer Walk With Thee."

Not that they, or this song, has anything to do with what happened, but lately the Avett Brothers and their music is in my head a lot.

(Did you know they are coming to Birmingham March 7? I would love to go but won't for two very important reasons~~ 1) It cost money to buy tickets and the three meals a day thing is pretty important to Mark and me right now and 2) I am pretty sure I would be oldest woman there and I wouldn't know how to act. You know the last concert I went to was Micheal Bolton in 1990, don't you?)


  1. I would have thought it was a sign of the Second Coming, or it would be in my house. They tend towards the "it's in the same room as you said" plan.

  2. Michael Bolton? My 1990something concert was Michael W Smith. Oh -and a Carmen concert too.

  3. Yes, Bethany, Michael Bolton. I know, I know. My boyfriend at the time also took me to a Nelson concert. Yes. I admit it.

  4. I love sweet moments like that!! Moments of hope that they will indeed grow up one day.

  5. My 90's concert was New Kids on the Block! Sweet little James!!!

  6. I loved this post!! It once took my 14-year-old son THREE trips to the utility room to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer and turn the dryer on. No kidding. :P I think I would have heard the Hallelujah Chorus in your case!