Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real....

Around the house lately we have had lots of pretty, funny, happy, and real. I think I am going to have to change the name of my blog-the days don't seem so long now, they are just flying by.

James catching his favorite chicken "Mystery Solver." We have no idea why he choose this name, but it has stuck. Mystery Solver is almost as big as he is.

Sylvester the cat has made up with us. He was so mad for the longest time about the eye drops.

Abbie and James working in their rocket ship (courtesy of Aunt Jill, whom I will never be able to thank enough for the huge contraption which involved moving my furniture to make room for)
James playing in the mud and giving Mark the Scout Sign. Why in the world he is trying to hold up his pants at this time is beyond me. Its a little late for that.

Matt doing muck work. Cleaning out the rabbit cages is not his favorite thing.

Abbie playing while her brother is hard at work. I'll say it again, how did she get so big?

I have another wonderful handsome delightful son who avoids the camera like the plague. You can trust me that he is alive and well. He stays under the radar here lately.

Today I am linking up at Like Mother, Like Daughter.

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  1. That contraption is awesome! My boys would have a ball in it and possibly destroy it in minutes. :)
    Cool tree swing too!

  2. That swing looks fabulous! And James is so adorable holding that gigantic chicken.