Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Morning....

I heard a rumor that there is a little holiday coming tomorrow called Valentine's Day?

You know, after being married for 17 years things like Valentine's Day take on completely new meanings. Its fun to do sweet and unexpected things for each other, but its real love to do the same ole same ole day in and day out for each other. And knowing that every night he will be home with me and our family and that he will fight for and protect our family no matter what is worth far more than flowers and chocolates. Ladies, if you have that kind of man, find a way to show him this week how much he means to you.


  1. Hello from an old friend - ok, well, not a literally old friend but you get it:) Although I have (temporarily, permanently, I don't know??) given up posting on my blog...I do miss my blog friends - and really do enjoying sitting down to "catch up" when I have some time. Always enjoy the pictures of your kiddos! They are too cute - and I am just sure "a day in the life" at your house would be nothing but pure fun!! And hats off to any mama who has the patience to include critters:)

    Hope everyone has a super "sweet" day at your house tomorrow!!


  2. I can't wait for Valentines Day either :)

    Just wondering if you had announced the winner of your giveaway yet?

  3. Hi Thinking Out Loud. Yes, it was Bama Girl and I have contacted her and she has responded. I hope you will keep checking back in. I try to do a giveaway about every month or so.

  4. Hi Jennifer! I was wondering if you were going to post again! Yep, its crazy chaos around here pretty much all the time.