Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Link-A-Loos...

The picture of the stove has nothing to do with this post, but I just love it!  Love It!  Can you love a stove?  Not like I love my kids of course, but to me this stove is drool-worthy. 

We are off to co-op today and am I glad of it. School has knocked me down and ran me over and I think yesterday it backed up and ran over me again. Next week are SATS and then we are off for a week!

I've just got a couple of linky-loos to share today:

I have been learning so much from Laura at Heavenly Homemakers.  This gal can cook!

This chick is on a roll!  She is doing great and I know she would love any encouragement you can send her way.

Auntie Leila gives advice on mothering a 13 year old boy.  I have re-read this twice this week.   Why she doesn't move down to Alabama and become my neighbor and mentor I don't know?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and be sure to stop by Monday for a little giveaway :)


  1. Aunt Leila is right on! What great wisdom. Thanks for the link.

  2. I love the stove...and the tile!! Green is my favorite color.
    SAT's....the #1 reason I haven't joined a local HS group....after living here 6 years.

  3. that is the prettiest stove i've ever seen!! i love it too!! the orange tea kettle goest perfect!

  4. Yes, you can love a stove! I love that stove. That stove is president of the Drool Club.


    PS -- hope Mark's dad is soon well!