Thursday, March 29, 2012

A-Camping They Went....

Last Friday night, even with all the rain, all my men and my dad went camping. James was super-excited because this was the first time he was going off "alone" with just the men to camp. There would be no momma there for backup. He was nervous and fired-up, as we say around here, to go and bless his heart, he talked about nothing else all day long.

From the pictures I will say that he had a good time. And from the pictures I will say that I don't think he missed me that much. Which is the way it should be. So now the lure of the campfire and tent-sleeping has claimed another child and they are going the way of their father who would live out in a tent if he could. Well, I don't know about that, but he sure loves camping. :)

Mark said he was so tired he asked to go to sleep and that they had to drag him out the next morning.  I think that means he had a really good time.....


  1. looks like a blast!! Good for them!!

  2. That really makes me want to go camping!!

    ..except that I want it to be fall, also.