Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Music via Missy...

Missy from It's Almost Naptime shared this "happy music" this morning and it just made my morning.  You know why?

Because when I am alone in the mini-van, driving down I-459, I sound just like this woman!  Its amazing.  I hit all the notes just right and the louder I sing the better my voice sounds. Its true!  Sometimes I can even hear the background singers in the back seats singing along.  And they wonder how they were able to get such a gig singing back-up for me.

I just never thought to record it on my i-phone and broadcast it to the world.  That may be because I don't have an i-phone and I truly would not know how to begin to upload it to you-tube.

Okay, okay, I do sing in the van, and sing loudly too.  It may just be a complete figment of my imagination when I say I sound like that.  Might be.  I wouldn't know cause I sound really good to myself and I'll probably never have an i-phone to find out.  So, I'll just go with the happy feeling of believing I sound just like her.

So, how about ya'll?  Do any of you sing in your car?  And how loudly? :)

And by they way, Missy is Hilarious with a capital H.  You should go check her out!


  1. I sound just like Patsy Cline, Trisha Yearwood and Martina McBride. It is amazing what a vehicle can do for the voice.

  2. That's awesome!!

    I sing when Ali will let me. But that's rare. And when she does, it's usually Veggie Tales.

  3. What an awesome video! Yup I sing in the car, at home, everywhere! In fact... I actually sing THIS SONG!! So the link caught my eye right away! LOL... Love your blog!