Friday, April 20, 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal....

In My Life This Week:

We started school back after our spring break and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I guess I was ready to get back into a good routine.

The routine lasted one day until my big boys had some outside work that had to be done.  They still did their school, but things got mixed up a little.

The new kitten (still unnamed) is taking up some of Abbie's time, but she is getting everything else done also.  And she has kept her room reasonably clean for 7 days now.  It might be a new record.

After school today Rebekah is coming to spend the afternoon.  I need some swing time and as an added bonus I will get to hold her four month old while I swing.  Delicisio!

In Our Homeschool This Week:

Ditto above.

We did finish Story of the World Volume 3 and I have to say I love this series.  I am learning so much.  The last section was about the Gold Rush in 1849 and I have to order Volume 4 so I went to the library Wednesday afternoon to get some fill-in material.  I found some neat things about mountain men and boomtowns that have now become ghost towns.  I think its neat anyway.  My kids will be able to tell you in about 20 years if having a mom who read them these kinds of books was "neat."  I am really hoping they say yes.

The homeschool catalogs are rolling in and I am doing my usual spring come-apart about what to do for next year.  Especially now that Tyler is entering high school.  Oh my stinking goodness, my brain is overloaded with questions.

A Quote To Share:

"Well!  Of all things that ever were or will be!"  said by Mrs. Rachel Lynde in Anne of Green Gables.  I am reading it out loud to Abbie right now and we decided this will be our saying whenever we are astonished at something.  I heard her say it while playing with her cousin yesterday and my heart smiled.

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  1. I love the The Story of the World series. I'm reading volume 2 to one kid and volume 3 to another.

    Volume 4 is ready and waiting in my closet!

  2. My Rebecca is reading through the Anne series right now. It is hard to pull her away from it to work!

    A swing and a 4 month old sounds like a grand day!

  3. I had to pop over from The Homeschool Mother's Journal because your photo was CHICKENS! We LOVE chickens! LOL

    I love the Anne series! Such a spunky girl! We've been thinking about visiting Prince Edward Island for years now. (We're about 10 hours away.) It would be so much fun to explore the island!

    I have a high schooler next year too! It can be a little overwhelming to think about, huh? At least for me! LOL Looking forward to seeing what you decide on using for books with him.

  4. glad all is well over there. funny about the dog - been having my own doggie battles ;-)

  5. Oh my word - I will probably roll on the floor the first time I hear Abbie say that! Hope you had fun with Rebekah.

    FYI, Tyler is not starting high school. He is still a baby!

  6. Jill-I know, I am not sure how my teeny-tiny newborn is going to be able to do all that work.