Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break and Spring Cleaning....

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We are having our spring break this week which means I am trying to cram in as much deep cleaning into this week as I can.  We are also leaving on Friday for a Heritage Girl Family Camporee so I am trying to get as much ironing and laundry done as I can.  Whew!  I have had so much more energy than usual so I am trying to run with it and use it to my advantage.

The deep cleaning also includes switching out the winter/summer clothes which is about as much fun as it sounds :).  I tried something new this year.  In previous years I would just have stacks here and there of clothes/items to give away, save for next year, the next child, or for a specific friend who had children certain sizes.  After awhile I would get pretty confused with which pile went to what person.

 (This was from Monday afternoon--the pile is much much bigger now)

Soooo, I went down to the Piggly Wiggley and asked if I could buy 30 paper bags.  They very nicely just gave them to me.  I got out my trusty Sharpie and started labeling bags.  I was able to label each child's clothes, which ones to give to the thrift store, which ones I was saving for friends, and really, whatever needed to go to a specific place.  I even made a bag for FavCousin who spends the night and things get left.  Now I can just hand the bag to her mom and won't to think about it again.

This system has worked really well so far and I have all the children's summer/winter clothes switched out.  Now I just have to do mine and Mark's.  I also deep cleaned the kid's closets and Abbie's room.  Oh my goodness, that girl could give Hoarders a run for their money!

Just a few more things to do, like the school shelves, and the pantry, and then I can call it a week. It feels so good to get all this done.  How is your spring cleaning going?  Or do you wait until school is over for the year to do all your deep stuff?

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  1. I just want to say the title of your blog is awesome! Speaks volumes...

    I love your book list too...I think we're kindred spirits! :)

  2. The paper bad idea is genius! I haven't switched out clothes yet, it remembered it was early spring here:(

  3. wait, wait, wait... you mean to say that you actually iron your clothing? wow. i gave up on that and went "wrinkle free" years ago!

    All this work - good for you!


  4. No spring cleaning going on at our house by I do have some closets that need it badly!

  5. Unfortunately, I've mostly just been thinking about it. I did make a list last night, though. ;)

  6. Love the idea of paper bags over plastic for sorting! Larger and easier to fill and you can actually see what you wrote on the bag,. Brilliant!

  7. Great idea on the paper bags! I am thinking that if I can snag a few somewhere, I will have to try this. I currently have some outgrown clothes to pass along from our winter/spring clothing swap. And I have an overflowing box of my own clothes right now, too--and I need to sort through and pull some more!