Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

 I have a whole lot of random pretty, funny, happy, reals today:

 Happy-Little boys pretending to be scuba divers in the backyard.  He found lots of undersea treasures that day.
 Funny - Abbie and James found my reading glasses.  These two keep us laughing and guessing around here.

 Funny- Abbie was reading James White Fang the other day and he decided he needed some white fangs too.  Abbie is going to be a great mom one day.
 Happy-Matt loving on Sue the Momma Bunny.  She has developed a double chin after this last birthing of kits.  I told her not to worry, it happens to the best of us.

Funny and Happy and Real - Sadie the Dog graduated from her Puppy Training Class.  We went for six weeks on Friday night with the dog who mostly just sat in the corner and begged to go home.  She was so scared of the other dogs.  Seriously, there was a Chihuahua PUPPY in the class and she was scared to death of her.  She would do the tricks at home and is usually pretty good about obeying at home, but she would shut down in the class.  She was actually scared to wear the hat and we had to force it on her.  The trainer said "Don't make her wear the hat."  I looked at her said, "Oh, she is GOING to wear the hat!" 

I had went for six weeks and paid a bunch of money and trained her daily and she was going to wear the hat.  That's all there was too it.  By the way, when did Tyler turn into a young man?  Really, he is now taller than me (not really hard to do though) and he's talking about cars and stuff.  What has happened?

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  1. Congratulations Sadie. The hat looks great! Good work to your humans to. I'm sure you have trained them well.


  2. I can't believe Tyler either. He's supposed to still be that baby that first showed me what unconditional live is.

    I like posts that have pics!!!

  3. Congratulations to Sadie and you! That's a great story :)

  4. I love your family, Wendy! Reading your blog makes me smile. :)

  5. They look pretty cute in glasses!!

  6. Love the teeth. Here in Texas you really only get to see Bubba Teeth (which are hillbilly teeth rotted and falling out). :)